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What happens when you combine 3 talented and intense performers? Welcome to JUMP SHE SAID, a unique and interactive take on Canadian music and so much more!

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ELANA HARTE enjoys a successful career as a writer, performer and producer. A gifted vocalist and guitarist, the Montreal-born songstress has released a number of CDs and has been featured on numerous compilations/soundtracks.  
Recognized for her songwriting abilities both locally and internationally, (International Songwriting Competition, Songwriter Universe Magazine, Unisong International Songwriting Contest, SongDoor, Great American Song, Kicx99.5 FM New Country Starquest winner), Elana is an avid songwriter who relishes collaborating with new and established artists. She released her CD with STILETTO FLATS in 2014 and is in the midst of  her next recording projects, BEAUTIFUL SALT, PAN STATION MAYDAY and a full-length solo record.  

She currently has a number of live projects on the go, including performing solo,  I WILL BE KING (Bowie Tribute), Ricochet (80’s and disco),  Stiletto Flats (retro, original and rock), Harte & Mazur (acoustic and percussion), and Jump She Said (various genres, including Canadiana). 

Janet Whiteway: 

Toronto Singer/Songwriter/Keyboardist:   

Janet is a consummate and busy performer, she is currently the keyboardist/vocalist with Toronto all-female funk-Soul band “Grace”; 80’s band “Ricochet”; Bowie tribute band “I Will Be King” and folk trio “Jump She Said”. Janet has 2 CD’s of original music, “Pure Sunshine” and “Love Is Hope”.

 Zoe Ackah Bio 

Zoe Ackah is a singer, drummer and writer. She is best known for playing drums in Toronto’s all-female reggae bands Woman-Ah-Run Tings and The Sensation Band, as well as the world music scene performing with Lizzy Mahashe, Shaza Band (1996 TAMA Award, best band), Jungle Bouti Orchestra, and later her own band with Carl Harvery BLaKUnicrn. She also performs regularly with Ricochet, Elana Hart and Janet Whiteway’s 80s synth tribute. She holds an Honours Degree in Music and Master of Arts from York (focussed on choral conducting), as well as a BEd specializing in Music from UofT. Zoe is also a human rights activist, actress, magazine feature writer, carpenter’s apprentice, and is a devoted (or maybe exhausted) single mother of three teenaged children.

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